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Why you should get your gutters professionally cleaned

It’s a pretty simple answer. Perth on average gets 70% of its rainfall for the year in a four-month period, May through to August, this is typically our busiest time of the year. An average new home in Australia is around 190 metres squared, with approximately 790mm of rainfall annually x by metres squared comes to over 150,000 litres of water per year.

So if you can’t remember the last time or if you’ve cleaned your gutters you’re probably well overdue. Although you might not have tall trees surrounding your home or business, dust, sand and any other debris can be caught by Perth’s strong coastal winds and blown onto your roof.

Inevitably this ends up in your gutters and decomposes, this builds up over the year and can cause blockages in your downpipes which then causes rainwater to overflow.

It only takes this to happen once for the water to spill over and into the eaves which causes rot and discolouration, if left unchecked, this can damage the interior of your home too. This could end up costing you thousands, in hindsight, it isn’t much getting your gutters cleaned yearly for as little as $200. 

Here at Gutter Suction Perth, we use powerful industry-leading vacuum technology to remove all waste build-up from your gutters and downpipes. This method ensures the best possible clean, removing of all waste, less conventional methods such as cleaning by hand can take a lot longer and can cause the mess to spill out and over your gutters.

Not only can it cause damage to your home by overflowing, blockages can also cause water to pool in certain areas. As the waste decomposes, it erodes and eats away at the aluminium/copper/galvanised steel of your gutters, all of which can eventually rust if left unchecked. 

Any of these scenarios inevitably cost you money, not to mention the headache of getting a roof plumber around to replace damaged gutters or replacing damaged eaves. For overall peace of mind, we recommend a yearly service for customers with houses surrounded by large trees. However, this isn’t always necessary for homes without large trees, every other year should suffice as the build-up of moss or other debris does ultimately occur. 

So why is it important to have your gutters cleaned by professionals?


A gutter cleaner most likely has more experience on roofs than the average person, if you have a tiled roof just standing on the wrong parts of the tile can cause them to snap which if they aren’t replaced or at the very least sealed properly it will lead to water damage. 

We are also fully insured and have our working with heights certificate; this means if necessary, we are fully capable of harnessing ourselves and ensuring our safety. 

Though cleaning your own gutters is entirely possible, even by cleaning from a ladder there is always a risk of a fall. We have all the tools and know-how to get the job done as safely and promptly as possible for overall peace of mind, not to mention saving you a day cleaning your gutters by hand.

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