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How To Choose The Right Professional Gutter Cleaner

Not all gutter cleaning businesses are created evenly, we have outlined the things to look for from a gutter cleaning company and the warning signs that should make you avoid certain businesses.

Where you are searching

 for a gutter cleaning business is the first place to be aware of. With the power of the internet, it’s become a little easier for the cowboy’s of industries to showcase their wares. Anyone can place an ad on Gumtree or similar websites, and they can remove their information and adverts just as quick. As a general rule, businesses found on the first pages of search engines such as Google and Bing have invested money to be where they are. You can rest assured that these businesses aren’t going anywhere and are a professional outfit.

Use professional Equipment

Any gutter cleaner that rocks up to your house with a bucket in hand and asks to borrow your ladder is no gutter cleaning professional. In Perth there are two methods of cleaning gutters, one is by hand and the other is via powerful vacuum systems. Vacuum gutter cleaning is a much more effective method of removing the debris from your gutters. A gutter cleaning vacuum is also an expensive bit of equipment, any business that has invested heavily in such equipment will likely be a professional outfit. There are some very good gutter cleaning companies that clean gutters by hand as well, they are perhaps a little harder to verify as authentic.

Have a professional website

Another great indicator of a professional gutter cleaner or serviceman, in general, is the existence of a professional website. This is a place you can visit and see the people that are part of the business, the equipment they use to clean the gutters if they are insured and any other questions you may have. A decent website should have most of the things you’re looking looking for, things like prices, pictures of the team, a clear indication of their service etc. If you visit a website and it looks shabby or doesn’t answer your questions, you should move on and find a business with something more professional. No fly by the night gutter cleaner will have spent the time or money having a professional gutter cleaning website made, and that is why this is a good indicator or how to find a trusted serviceman.


This one is simple, any business that you allow into or onto your home should be fully insured. Check their website and ask if you could have a copy of their insurance details. Any guttter cleaning business worth their salt will happily send you a copy of their certificate of currency. Don’t take the risk of uninsured businesses, it might save you a few bucks initially, but in the long run, could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Experienced and Qualified

Being experienced in any industry is important, but perhaps even more so for gutter cleaners. If you let someone onto your roof that is inexperienced or has little experience, there’s a chance your house could become damaged. Tiles are easily broken if you don’t know where to stand, and if not fixed or replaced properly, damage to ceilings and eaves is likely. An experienced serviceman will know just where and how to walk across your roof, carry quality silicone with them and know how to replace tiles.

Whilst there is no gutter cleaning school for people to go, there are qualifications that every gutter cleaner should have. The most important being Working Safely at Heights, this is usually a day course that teaches professionals how to safely work from heights above 2 metres and how to use a safety harness. Gutter cleaner with this qualification are a lot more likely to be an experienced technician and as such can be trusted more working on your property.

Good Reviews

Even if you have followed all of the precautions above and scoped out a few of the most trustworthy and professional-looking gutter cleaners, you should visit a few sources to compare their reviews. Google and Facebook are very trusted sources of reviews and will give you a great indication of how well businesses function. Anyone with a dozen different reviews and has around 5 stars is probably someone who cares about their work and has good customer service.

If you’re from Perth and looking for just this type of trusted gutter cleaner that ticks all of the boxes mentioned, Think Gutter Suction Perth. You will get top-level service by experienced and qualified technicians that use powerful vacuum systems to get the job done.